RwDwebHere at Mongrel Fitness we offer a variety of classes. Please see our class schedule for times.Alpha BootCamp – Would you like to know what is wrong with most “Boot Camp” programs at local gyms? They are not run by individuals who were ever in the Military! How can you fully impart the feeling of “Boot Camp” training if you have never experienced a real Boot Camp? Alpha BootCamp training is based on the style of training that military recruits go through… and then some! These classes are run by a trainer who has served in the military.CEXe – Core Extreme energy – If you are looking for a sexy belly, toned thighs and a firm backside, then CEXe is for you! An intense 45 workout that concentrates on your core, legs and glutes. The last 15 mins in the hour are spent stretching and discussing nutritional plans to help shed those unwanted inches.Honey Badgers – Team Honey Badger is made up of our Obstacle Competition Team. Training concentrates on strengthening the body to not only overcome, but excel at the challenges you will face in extreme sports and life.Kettle Bell Fusion – Melding new techniques and traditional exercises with a tool that was invented in Russia during the 1700’s. We will utilize the Kettle bell to achieve new levels of strength and weight reduction.OCR Clinic – The perfect starting platform for your Obstacle Course Racing future. Learn the basic movements and skills that will assist you to go over, under and through any and all Obstacles… All the while, getting a great workout!The Beast Squad – The Elite… A grueling training regime that’s unorthodox style will test and improve every aspect of your fitness. No two workouts are ever the same, so your body can never adapt or become comfortable with a routine, hence, No plateau! The results are increased strength, endurance and a fitness level, never before imagined! Membership is invite only and a minimum fitness test is required.